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Friedrich Froebel


Friedrich Froebel created kindergarten. The name kindergarten signifies both a garden for children, a location where they can observe and interact with nature, and also a garden of children, where themselve can grow and develop in freedom from arbitrary imperatives.In 1837, having developed and tested a radically new educational method and philosophy based on structured, activity based learning, Froebel moved to Bad Blankenburg and established his Play and Activity Institute which in 1840 he renamed Kindergarten.

Originally Freoebel went to school to study architechture. unexpectedly his friend encouraged him to change from the study of architechture to education. He excepted an invitation to teach at a Frankfurt school, one of the first schools based on the educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi’s progressive ideals. Teachers required to encourage childrens natural curiosity and exploration.


Changed the way we think about early childhood education. He designed toys such as: balls, wooden blocks, sticks, and rings to demostrate that children learn by playing

By: Friedrich Froebel•The Education of Man •The Pedagogics of the Kindergarten •Education by Development •The Mottos and Commentaries of Friedrich Freobel’s Mother Play •Mother Play and Nursery Songs: Poetry, Music, and Pictures for the Noble Culture of child Life with Notes ot Mother’s•Freidrich Froebel: A Selection from his Writings


Kindergarten has three essential parts:•creative play, (which Froebel called girfts and occupations)•singing and dancing for healthy activity•observing and nurturing plants in a garden for stimulating awareness of the natural world


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