Friday Night Lights

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Friday Night Lights

If you have ever been to Texas you known football is a big thing, if its the Dallas Cowboys our the towns own high school football team. This book shows one season of the 1988 Permian High School Panthers from Odessa, Texas, as they set their sights on the Texas state championship. In Odessa football is everything losing is not an option. But on friday nights from semtember to december anything could happen. The season starts with a new coach and ranked in the top high schools in texas. With all the problems they have off the field they still make it to the state championship. They end up falling short by a couple of points in the end. The coach Gianes says at the end that he is so proud.

Friday Night Lights

1. One reason why I liked this book is that its about football and I play football. So I makes the book more interesting.2. Another reason why I liked Firday Night Lights is because there is a lot of drama in the book which makes it interesting.3. Another reson why I like the bookIt shows how the team deals withe racism and other off the field problems.


Friday Night Lights focuses on 6 characters from the football team Boobie Miles, Mike Winchell, Ivory Christian,Brian Chavez, Don Billingsly and Coach Gary Gaines. Mostly all of them have their problems. Boobie is one of the best on the team and is targeted by many colleges but does not get the best grades. MIke is the quarterback for the team and does not have confidence but Coach Gianes beilves in him. Ivory has mixed fillings about football. Brian is the only starting person on the team and one of the brightest on the team. Don is a very good football player but has drinking problems. Coach Gianes gets the blame or the fame becuase the town either priases him for the teams success or he gets blamed for the teams loses.



Friday Night Lights takes place in small town in texas called Odessa.





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