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Frida Kahlo

Most of Kahlo's work-painted on canvas, wooden boards, and tin- decipts her personal story; perhaps most riveting are the artists many self portraits. in them, Kahlo often potrays herself in mexican dress, surrounded by her many pets and the lush vegetation of her home land, her forehead or body imprinted with the people and events central in her life. Kahlo's paintings also have the strong silhouettes, insistent detail, overall equality of focus, and bold colours often associated with mexican folk art. Always intense and sometimes realistic or fantastic, her works show that her art and life were inseparable, fierce,timeless and tragic.


The wounded deer

In 1925, at age 18, she was in a bus accident that injured her spine, pelvis, and foot, injuries that led to many hospital stays, operations and ultimatley, her death.

Artist Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907, in Coyocoa'n, Mexico City, Mexico. Considered one of Mexico's greatest artists, Frida Kahlo began painting after she was severely injured in a bus accident. Kahlo later became politically active and married fellow communist artist Diego Rivera in 1929. She exhibited her paintings in Paris and Mexico before her death in 1954

Frida Kahlo suffered from pollio from age 5 and continued to make her ill till she died.

In the picture below we see thorns around her neck but then theres also a humming bird, the thorns means she feels hurt and constricted but the humingbird means that she wants peace and love.

Along the border line between Mexico and the United states (1934)

Frida kahlo's artwork has now been in many exhibitions, her lifes story has also been made into a movie. Frida showed her life in her painting. Her art is a chronicle of her personal pain and strength in the face of endless problems. But her talent and spirirt became the wellspring of her career.

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