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Frida Kahlo

~Ella nacio en 1907She was born in 1907~Ella era una de méjico mejores pintoresShe was one of Mexicos best painters~ Se casó con Diego Rivera en 1929 y 1940She maried Diego Rivera in 1929 and 1940~Ella murió en 1954She died in 1954~Ella mostró su arte antes de morir en París y MéxicoShe showed her art before she died in Paris and Mexico

Frida Khalo

Frida and Diego Rivera, 1931 by Frida Kahlo. Diego was Frida's husband.

Still Life with Parrot and Fruit Made in 1951. Genre: Still life

Tree Of Hope, Remain Strong Created in 1946

Sun and Life Created in 1947

Weeping CoconutsMade in 1951

My Dress Hangs ThereCreated in: 1933

Me and My ParrotsCreated in 1941

Me As A TehuanaCreated in 1943

The Two FridasCreated in 1939

Still Life With Parrot And FlagCreated in 1951

Frida Khalo


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