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Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

Childhood- Frida was borni in mexico -at age 6 she was diagnosed with polio-she was bullied


artistic life

-starts with water colors and oil pastel-"self portrait in a velvet dress"-while she was alive her paintings sold for 1 million-surealist

her accident-frida bus was hit by a tram-she gets a broken pelvic bone, spinal column, and severe injuries-she spent her months in bed working on her art

“I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration."

her adult life-unable to have children becuase of the bus crash-started developing health issues again-right leg was amputateddied at age 47

-Diego Rivera - both had affairs on eachother -Diego had an affair with her sister


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