Freya's Day.Natalie Gormley

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Freya's Day.Natalie Gormley

Freya, meaning the lady or mistress, is the Norse goddess of clouds, love, war, and death. Freya was beautiful, sweet, and generous.

Freya's Day

Origin of the DayFreya's Day, which is now Friday, is named after the goddess Freya. It is said that Freya shares this day with her brother Fryr

Freya riding her chariot which was given to her by Thor

This is the necklace that Freya wore, which was called a brisling.

About the Goddess Freya was known as a sweet, generous, and beautiful woman. She had strawberry blonde hair with blue eyes, which made her irresistible to men. Though sweet and generous, she also had a bad side. This was being the goddess of war and death. Freya was married to the god Wodan, or Od.



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