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freyas day hetvi patel

Freya's Day


Freya is said to be so beautiful that no man can resist her.

It is said that Friday was named for either of two Norse goddesses: Freya or Frigga. However, Freya is the more believed answer, as in the Roman calendar, Friday is called Dies Veneris. Basically, this is naming the day after Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Since Freya is the Norse goddess of these attributes, many believe that Friday is named after her.

Freya loves poems and love songs.

Freya is the goddess of love and beauty when she is on her good side. In addition, she is very kind and generous.

When Freya is on her bad side, she is the goddess of war and death. It is said that she takes the spirits of those slain in battle.

Freya is very devoted to her husband Wodan, who is often called Od or Odan. When he went missing, Freya searched the earth and sky for him.

Freya always wears her magical necklace made out of amber and rubies. Her necklace is called brisling or brisingamen.

Freya travels in a golden chariot pulled by two large blue cats. Thor gave it to her. If Freya is not traveling by this, then she is traveling by her coat of feathers, since she is also the goddess of the clouds and sky.



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