Freshwater Mussel

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Freshwater Mussel

Freshwater Mussel(Dreissena polymorpha) Most commonly reffered to as:ZEBRA MUSSEL

INVASIVE SPECIES=organism (plant, animal, fungus, or bacterium) that is not native and has negative effects on our economy, our environment, or our health.

What are some cool characteristics to look for when identiying Zebra Mussel?1)striped pattern which is commonly seen on their shells2) size of a fingernail3) D-shaped

Zebra Mussels are native to the lakes of southern Russia, but have made their first appearance as an invasive species in American waters in 1988 mostly around the Great Lakes region and have also invaded other countries such as Italy, Great Britan, Ireland, Spain, ' Sweden.

Hideout:Mussels have spread throughout the Great Lakes ' the Mississippi River from Brainerd downstream, and are now in other rivers ' inland lakes

Crimes!1) Attach to manmade pipelines 2) Intake structures for drinking water and irrigation.3) Out-compete other filter feeders ' essentially kill them through starvation.4) Fecal matter contributes to odor problem in water :(

Removal (Various ways)1) Mannual Removal2) Screens/Filters3)Electrical currents4) Ultraviolent light5)Flushing6) CO2 Injection

RewardEcological=Inland lake food chains restored/more food for other fishEconomical=Power ' municipial water treatment plants will no longer be disturbed by mussles attaching to water intake structures.Health= Decrease in exposure to organic pollutants.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?1)Don't re-use bait if exposed to infested water2)Remove any visible vegetation ' equipment that came in contact with infested waters.3)Dry boat at least 48 hours before using in unifested waters.

Authority:Federally regulated law Federal Lacey Act, which makes it illegal in the U.S. to import, export, or transport between States without a permit



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