Freshwater Mashes

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Freshwater Mashes

Whooping Crane and the Great Blue Heron are some of the many types of cranes that live in a freshwater marsh

The Black Marsh Turtle montains the many snails, worms, shrimp.

Freshwater Marshes

Malaria is a dease mosquitos can carry and there a many mosquitos in freshwater marshes. There are many mosquitos in freshwater marshes because mosquitos lay their eggs in still water.

Phragmites, cattails, and the marsh hibiscus are three of the many types of plants in a freshwater marsh.

There are many types of animals in fresh water marshes such as racoons, black marsh turtles, muskrats, and beavers. Marshes usually contain tall grass like plants that come above water examples; bulrushes, cattails, Marsh Hibiscus, and Phragmites also known as grass reads. That's just some examples of wildlife on a marsh.

Freshwater marshes are found all over the world. Most Marshes are found by lakes, rivers, and ponds. Today many marshes are being destroyed by lack of water, because of man made dams. There are many symbiosis relationships in a marsh, Monarch Butterflies and Toxic Milkweed is a great example of a commensalism relationship.

There are many aligators found in marshes such as an a American Aligator


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