Freshwater Habitat

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Freshwater Habitat

plants mixed forest yellow birtch, white and black spruse, red maple, jack pine and balsam fir.

tempaturelake superior is also the coldest of the great lakes.

Freshwater habitat

Waterlake superior ,lake ontario ,lake michigion ,lake huron and lake erie.

Animals liveing near the great leakes are black bear, fox ,moose, coyote, grey wolf, elk and canada lynx.also frogs, turtles and snakes.some birds sutch as great blue heron ,bald eagle.

glog by: Holden

Geographic locationthe freashwater great lakes are found in southern ontario.

freshwater is on risk because some people poulute the water and lots of fish or animals that live in water can die and can make the enviorment bad or harmful.

hi ill tell you some bad things that is hapining to nature.

did you know that some freshwater habitats is on risk.

How humans hurt habitat and how we can protect habbitatwe can harm freshwater by puting rocks in the middle of the freshwater so then the water will flow wrong and make fish not pass.we can protect freshwater habitats by not pouluting and not makeing water flow the wrong way.


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