Freshwater Biome

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Freshwater Biome


Where to liveYou could live in an area with more civilization, like at a lakeside house, or you could live somewhere more in the wild, like in a hut, made out of the resources from the area.

What types of plants are there?TreesGrassShrubs/BushesAlgaeCattailsLily PadsMuskgrassWater CeleryDuck Weed

What types of animals are there?FishAmphibiansTurtlesReptilesLots of InsectsBirds

What To BringTowelsSunscreeenHatShadesBathing SuitBug RepellentFoldable ChairWarm ClothesSwiss Army Knife

What is the climate?The climate is going to be between 39-70 degrees farenheit because of the many ever changing seasons.So some days might be perfect for a swim while others will be cold enogh to almost freeze!

What to eat?In the freshwater biome, you would mainly eat fish from the water but you could also eat some other things like cattails, clovers, dandilions, and other wildlife.


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