Freshwater Biome

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Freshwater Biome

The frog speices is growing in the freshwater biome because they have nothing that threatens their existance in a freshwater biome.

The water lily is everywhere because since it needs water to grow it lives in the water so there are a lot of them in a freshwater biome.

To your right is one of the plants that lives in a freshwater biome. This is a cattail,it got its name from the tip of the plant that is shaped as a cat's tail.

Each freshwater biome in the world has a different place where they are found. The biggest freshwater biome is found in Siberia. Most freshwater biomes have land that is like a little island that no one can live in.

Freshwater Biome

These are one of the sea animals that live in a freshwater biome. One of them is the beaver

The best thing about Freshwater biomes is that there is sunshine all day. And that you can go fishing , water skiing,white water rafting,canoeing,boating and many others if you vist a freshwater biome.


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