Freshwater Bermuda

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Freshwater Bermuda

Bermuda is a group of low-lying islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, near the western edge of the Sargasso Sea. The two incorporated municipalities in Bermuda are the City of Hamilton and the Town of St George. Bermuda is divided into nine parishes, which have some localities called villages, such as Flatts Village and Somerset Village.The weed Columbus and his crew saw on their journey was Sargassum; large mats of seaweed floating on the water’s surface that support diverse and unique marine life. The crew did not signal they were coming to land. As a matter of fact, they were near Bermuda and still 620 miles from the East Coast of North America.

Bermuda's Golden Rainforest of the Sea

In September of 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed across golden plants floating in the Atlantic Ocean and stated that they saw so much seaweed that the sea looked like a solid mat coming from the west. His sailors were at sea for weeks hoping that it came from some nearby land. This seaweed is known as sargassum.

The most commonly seen sea turtle species in Bermuda is the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) which grazes in seagrass beds.

The Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) can be seen on coral reefs.

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