Fresh water escape

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Fresh water escape

Fresh Water Escape

ClimateIn Fresh Water Ecosystems the water moves slower which makes the water warmer and does not have much oxygen. The sunlight touches the bottom of ponds which makes the water warmer

Plants and AnimalsThe animals have adapted to the strong current. Some animals are trout, and organisms that have hooks or suckers that can cling to the rocks when the current is fast.

DiningYou can go out to eat several kinds of food two are fish and duck.

Fun Things to DoWhite Water Rafting is a fantastic thing to do. Swimming you must do too. Hiking is a great way to get outside and have fun.Tubbing Water Skiing and Boating are also great things to do.

Some Places you can stay are in Luxuary hotels over looking beautiful views. The water at night shines while you look at it. All the rooms are big and have one or more beds. People rate it 5 Stars.


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