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Paul Cezanne was a very influencial French artist and post-impressionistc painter. His work laid the foundation and started the transition from 19th century too a new very different form of art in the 20th century.

Cezanne was always a complex man, subject to depresions, grudges, and anger issues he was never fully understood.Paul Cezanne was born to a wealthy banker who resided in Aix-en-Provence. Cezanne showed an interest in art at a very young age and despite never-ending disputes with his relentless father Paul continued down the artistic path. In 1861, at age 22, he moved to Paris too follow his dream of being an artist. Althought the trip dampenned his spirits and Cezanne returned home after six months. In the mid-1860s Cezanne met impressionistic artist Camille Pissaro. Through Pissaro Cezanne met legends like Degas and Manet. Paul Cezanne was a great artist and is often refferred to as the father of Impressionistic art. Matisse another great French artist loved Cezannes use of colors and arguably the greatest artist ever, Pablo Picasso, said of one and only a father to us all. One day after working tirelessly Cezanne he fainted and caught pneumonia. He tied october 22, 1906 at the age of 67

Paul Cezanne was very engaged in landscape as an artist in his early years. He often also had large figures or shapes in the landscape with bold features. In the later more mature part of his career he gradually became more interested in still life type paintings. He developed a more airy light painting style. This style influenced impressionism tremendously. His latest paintings are much more simplistic and plain. They feature solid images with colour planes. Cezanne was an artist's artist. He was obsessed with form over content. Cezanne thought that the skills and fundamentals of a painter were more important than the content the artist was painting. Once again Paul Cezanne was, and will remain, one of the most influencial, unique, trendsetting artists ever. Without him impressionism would not be the same (hence the nickname the father of impressionism). Paul Cezanne's paintings are rare and extremely high quality and they appear in high quality art museums throughout the world.

The life and work of Paul Cezanne

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