French vs. Haitian Revolution

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French vs. Haitian Revolution

National Assembly had arisen and adoped the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen. Storming of Bastille caused many deaths in French society. But, it was a symbol of the governments power over the peopleJacobin’s (radicals) didn’t tolerate anyone against or neutral about the revolution. Reign of Terror (by Jacobins) was also a bloodbath.1791 Constitution was completed stating that the political powers were to be shared between King and Parliament.National Assembly ended its purpose as legislative check to a King and became National Convention.After attempting to flee the country King Louis was beheaded by the Guillotine.There was an annihilation of the nobility and the configuration of church and property.Slavery was temporarily ended until Napoleon takes over France with a tyrannical rule. But, he did help France economically.

Most successful slave rebellion which resulted in the creation of a new political nation.Haitians burned every plantation throughout the fertile regions of Haiti and executed all Frenchmen they could find.January 1, 1804, Dessalines declared Haiti a free republic society and they joined the U.S. as the second independent nation in the Western Hemisphere. BUT, Haiti became the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere because in order to be recognized as a republic they owed France 90 million francs (equivalent to 20 million USD)Because the slaves were illiterate it was hard for them to come up with that kind of money. This ended up crippling their economy worse than it already did.Marked the end of colonialism, but left in power an affranchi élite (mallatoes) and the formidable Haitian army.

The Enlightenment influenced a more egalitarian and happier society through natural laws that they lacked.American Revolution influenced the French regarding equality.Famine on the countryside led to revolts in the Third Estate.War of Austrian Succession, American Revolution, and Seven Year War caused France a large economic hardship.State- bankruptcy forced the King to assemble the Estates- General for more taxes King Louis XIV tried taxing nobles and subjects in order to pay for the bankruptcy. Unable to find a solution to the financial crisis lead the people to want a new government.Third Estate questioned the political rights of Monarchs

After being oppressed in society men and women of Haiti wanted to revolt.They had been enslaved and were economiclly really poor all of their lives and resented the French because of it.They wanted not only liberty, but revenge for the oppression they had to cope with. They felt that their oppressed situation coincided with the the France's old Third Estate (which were people who were denied polticical involvement). By feelng the same way that French had, the Haitians wanted to start a revolution as well.Mulattoes wanted to be free just as the white plant owners wanted to rule themselves and the rest of the rest of the government politically.

French Revoltion

Haitian Revolution






In 1791 the Haitian Revolution began with a slave revolt.

Island of Hispaniola divided the French side into Haiti after revolution.

Voodun Ceremony, took place before Haitian Revolution

Storming of Bastille

Reign of Terror: Guillotine

Beginning of the French Revolution


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