French vs American Restaurants

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French vs American Restaurants

French Restaurants

French vs. American Restaurants

Menus are usually displayed outside of the café

American Restaurants

Menus are inside the café

This is a French Café


There are multiple courses to a meal.

Many people talk while they are eating.

Meats are the most expensive item served.

There are food stands outside when people are walking around.

Many people dress formally for dinner.

Water is served from tap unless asked otherwise.

The water is clean water.

Food is made when ordered.

There are fast-food restaurants.

Desserts are a small portion.

Desserts are a large portion of something.

This is an American Café

Waiters give you a long time to eat and usually do not check on you.

Food is served quickly and waiters check on you frequently.

This is an American fast food restaurant.

This is a french food stand.

This is a french waiter serving food that was made when the person ordered it.

This is a french dessert called petit-fours.

This is a large portion of an American dessert.


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