French Revolution

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French Revolution

French RevolutionBy: Amber Mease

May 5, 1789

June 20, 1789

July 14, 1789

August 26, 1789

October 4, 1789

Tennis Court OathPeople from the lowest clergy went to a place called Jeu de Paume. Jeu de Paume was an indoor tennis court. The people went behind the Kings back. The King told them that they wernt allowed to go to the tennis court anymore but few people listened to him.

March on VersaillesAt one time there was a demand by women wanting bread. They demanded that they wanted bread but nobody was giving them bread. They gatheed a group of people, men and women, who demanded to see the baker and the bakers wife. The King agreed and sent all of the bread from the town Versailles to the crowd.

Louis 16th calls the meeting of the Estates - General.The meeting was called by King Louis 16th to discuss and try to improve the taxes. This meeting was a huge event for the poor people to come and be heard by the King. Although the King listened to the peoples thoughts and words, his main focus there was to try to put a stop to the overflow in taxes.

Storming of the BastillePeople were suffering from food shortages and the weight of taxes that was used to pay off the Kings debts. There was a fight and people went in with weapons and attacked everywhere.

Decloration of the RightsOnce there was a debate that raised several questions. some including, "Should the declaration be short and limited to general principles? Should the declaration include a list of duties or only rights." After several days of debate the deputies decided to suspend their deliberations on the declaration. Freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and no taxation without representation are some things the people asked for.

June 1791

National Assembly ConstitutionThe National Assembly was created during the French Revolution.It was made to restrain the monarchy. The franchise was restricted to “active” citizens who paid a minimal sum in taxes.Two-thirds of adult men had the right to vote for efficials.

January 21, 1793

September 21, 1792

King Louis 16th gullotinedOn January 21, 1793 King Louis was convicted and sent to death by requests from many people. He was sent to the gullotine and was executed from there. About 9 months later, his wife Marie- Antoinette was executed at the gullotine.

Monarchy abolished the French RepublicThe monarchy was established at the first revolution. From the start, King Louis wasnt ready to deal with financiel problems. He had inherrited money from various people threw his life.


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