French Revolution

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French Revolution

Some Short term or immediate effects of the french revoltion are:- End of the Old Regime- Rise of Napoleon- War with other European nationsSome long term effects of the french revolution are:- Decline in French Power- Growth of Nationalism- Spread of Enlightenment Ideas- Conservative Reaction

Cause and Effects

1789 - Tennis Court Oath is sworn1789 - The storming of Bastille1791- Royal family tries to leave France1793 - The reign of terror begins1974 - Robespierre is executed

Causes- Political conflict between Monarchy and nobility over the reform of tax system led to - Ineffective ruler Louis XVI- Economic hardship, especially the agrarian crisis of 1788-89Effects- Stronger, further centralized state with a larger, more effective and more intrusive administration- Abolition of special fiscal privileges- Creation and extension of new civil rights

The 5 W's

Who- It was the French societyWhat- The French got mad with the taxes the monarchy made and decided to retaliateWhen- It started in 1789 and ended in 1799Where- It happened in FranceWhy- It occured because there was political conflict, an inefective rule, and economic hardship.

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