French Revolution

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French Revolution

1789May 5th....King Louis XVI attempts to acquire money were derailed by the Parlement of Paris. Then he must approve the States-General Elections. (which were instructed in 1788) Then on May 5th 1789 for the 1st time,then in 1614 the States-General encountered at Versailles.

1789During the French Revolutionary the National Assembly (French: Assemble Nationale) which happened from June 13th-July 9th 1789 was an insergent Assembly formed by representitiveof the 3rd estate (common people) of the Estates-General subsequently replaced by the Legistrate Assembly.

1789August 26,1789 the final article of the Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizen was written bt Marquis de Lafayette. Included by the National Constituet Assembly. During the vicious period, was the 1st step toward the Constitution of France.

1789 October 5th , the March on Versailles was formed by women and known as the October Days or the October March. Nearly 7,000 women, working and ambitious. They carried pitchforks,pikes, and muskets. They march through a torrent of rain from Paris toVersailles. It was a crucial event in the French Revolution.

About the Period....The French Revolution (1789-late 1790's) was the conquest of Napoleon Bonaparte. During the reinvention, an uprooting centries-old institution such as the definite monarchy and the {Feudal System} . Like the American Revolution, earlier than it, the French Revolution was impacted by Enightment ideas, outstandingly the concepts of favored sovereignty and inalienable rights, Though it unseccessful to attain all of its rights, its design at times, retrogressed into topsy-turvy slaughter, the movement played a vital role molding modern nations by showing the sphere the authority inborn, in the will of the commonality.

Some additional information...On August 22nd, 1795, the National Conventional, composed mainly of Girodins who had a new constitution that created France's initial biaceramal legislature. Chief dominion would lie in the hands of a five-member Directory (Directorie) decided by parliment. Royalist and Jacobins demured by the new government, but were quickly deadened by the army, now guided by a young and victorious general named Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821).

1789July 14th,The Storming of Bastille happened in paris,France on the first light of the passe` fortress and prison in Paris known as Bastille rendered royal superemacy in the centre of Paris.

The French Revolution By: Damoni Goggins

1789The Constitution of 1971 on September 30th the National assembly put out its much awaited Constitution of Seotember 20th (1789-91) , which made a Constitutional kingdom, or limited monarchy, for France. They wanted the Constitution civilized , and be able to show what authority they possesed. Then,going on to prevent injustices and abuses of the old rule.

1789June 20th ,The Tennis Court Oath or the French Serment du jeu Paume, was a vital event during the commencement days of the French Revolution. The troth was a pledge endorsed by 576 of the 557 associates from the 3rd Estate who were locked out of a assembly of the Estates-General.

1793the decapitation of King Louis XVI, by means of guilotine, took place on January 21st in 1793, at revolutionary Square, planned by King Louis XV , then reastablished as Place de la Concorde in 1795, in Paris. It was a prime event in the French Revolution.

Some important information.....In April 1792, recently voted Legislative Assembly proclaimed war on Austria and Praussia. Soon, on the indigenous front , in the meantime, the political zero hour took a rigorous turn when a group of rebels led by the ultra Jacobins ambushed royal abode in Paris and booby trapped the king on August 10th, 1792. thennumerous peoplr were butchered in Paris. on January 21st, 1793, King Louis XVI, was sentenced to death for top treason and sin against the state to the beheading of his wife, Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) endured the same fate 9 months subsequently. Then, after the kings decapitation war erupted in Europe.

Historical Context...Mid 18th century, France was offically separated into 3 licit classifications, known as Estates. Included: the 1st Estate were associates of the Clergy; in the 2nd the Nobility, and the 3rd, common people (all the rest of populaton). Associates of the 1st and 2nd Estates adored many advantages- amid them, immunity from taxtation, a cartel over offices, and preogitives of diverse pensions,all of which had effect of ranking a superb millstone on the 3rd Estate, to buttress a monarchy & clergy.


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