French Revolution

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French Revolution

French Revolution

Important Leaders:1. Jacques-Pierre Brissot2. Charles de Calonne3.King Louis XVI4. Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès5. Napolean bonapart

This revolution happened because of 1) the increasingly prosperous elite of wealthy commoners—merchants, manufacturers, and professionals, often called the bourgeoisie—produced by the 18th century’s economic growth resented its exclusion from political power and positions of honour;2) the peasants were acutely aware of their situation and were less and less willing to support the anachronistic and burdensome feudal system3) the philosophers, who advocated social and political reform, had been read more widely in France than anywhere else4)French participation in the American Revolution had driven the government to the brink of bankruptcy5)crop failures in much of the country in 1788, coming on top of a long period of economic difficulties, made the population particularly restless.6) Charles-Alexandre de Calonne= He efforts to reform the structure of his nations finance and administrations.

Important Datesjuly 14th, 1789- Storming of the bastille=Paris erupted on July 14, 1789. The Paris mob was determined to arm itself due to presence of foreign troops in the streets of Paris. They first attacked the Invalides fortress from which they obtained 30,000 muskets. They moved on to the Bastille, an old fortress prison which had long been viewed as a symbol of the king's absolute authority. The mob attacked the Bastille and released the seven prisoners inside. Louis XVI recalled the popular Jacques Necker in response. June 20th, 1789- Tennis court oath=The Third Estate was locked out of its meeting room as preparations were being made for a royal session of all three estates. Confused and angry, the delegates met instead at an indoor tennis court on the palace grounds and signed an oath not to disband until they had drawn up a new, fair constitution for France. June 17th, 1789, National Assembly=There was disagreement amongst the three estates over voting methods in the Estates General. The third estate wished to have a "vote by head" method, whereas the First Estate and Second Estate wanted "vote by bloc" (1 vote per estate). October 5th, 1789 march on versailles.=The rumors of Louis XVI's offensive court party spreads throughout the streets of Paris, it was rumored that Louis XVI stepped on the flag of France. Women lead a march to Versailles to demand bread. The mob forces the royal family to return to Paris with them. Louis XVI signs the Declaration of the Rights of Man.

How The French Revolution affected other Countries.How the French Revolution affected Haiti because the second class banned together with the slaves and fought the upper class. This created the first black government in the western hemisphere. The French Revolution also affected social class, because of the revolution no upper class person was safe. The revolution sparked up more revolutions and also different types of governments like socialism and democracy.

Conclusion of The French Revolution: The French Revolution ended back where they started. They had another “king” and all that they got out of the revolution was less money and a lot of mixed up ideas. The revolution didn’t really have an offically end. But without money the governmentwas in trouble.


By: Owen, Davis, Parker


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