French Revolution

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French Revolution

French Revolution1789-1799

The French revolution had a monarchy crisis the third estate have little power and wanted to get more so that voting and other responsibilities would be equal. One way they did this was they demanded the other two states pay taxes when their requests were denied they formed the national assembly symbolizing the end to absolute monarchy five days later they were shut out of the estates general the third estate gathered on the kings tennis court and swore the following oath "we swear never to separate ourselves from the national assembly and to resemble whatever circumstances require until the constitution of the realm is drawn up and fixed upon solid foundations."another way to 30 State yoga billion was they decided to go to the streets and massacre everyone to do this thing needed ammo so they stormed the Bastille A prison and armory in search of guns and ammo this is how they killed everyone and took over.

Reign of terrorAnyone during the reign of terror who was disloyal or disapproved of the French Revolution was sent to the guillotine to be killed by Robespirre and his supporters

The Third Estate

The directory started in 1794 and continued to 1999 The directory was established in 1794 The directory was unpopular to a lot of people after Robespierre's death most people called it a less radical government.Napoleon Bonaparte was a military hero popular with people when he first came to France to take over he staged a coup d'état and he rules as a dictator with absolute power.

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Napoleon BonaparteAnd The directory

🔸Committee of public safety🔸National convention🔸constitutional Monarchy🔸 Legislative assembly🔸March to Versailles🔸Declaration of the rights of man

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