French revolution

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French revolution

French Revolution to Constitutional Monarchy to Democratic Despotism to Napoleonic Empire

French RevolutionThe french revolution began in 1789 and ended in 1799, it was inspired by the enlightment ideas and American revolution. The french revolution was an act for life changes for french citizens. After being fed up with King Louis XVI's unfair and cruel ways of rulling french citizens decide to act on it because many of them were starving and drowning in debt because of the kings high taxes that were being done to pay off his debts. The third estate made a huge impact on the revolution by them stepping up to have equal representation.

Napoleonic Empire

Democratic Despotism

The reign of terror was an example of democratic despotism. During the revolution people always tried to dictate france to achieve for a republic many of these people acted in cruel and oppressive ways. The Reign of Terror began in 1793 after the death of King Louis XVI. The first victim of the reign of terror was Marie Antoinette. The reign of terror was led by Robespierre. The reign of terror was a revolution for a Republic for the french people. The reign of terror was about killing enemies who were against the revolution for the republic. Thousands of people were behead by the guillotine.

What was the French Revolution???

Constitutional Monarchy

After the third estate became aware that they weren't getting equallly represented they decided to get more involved in their country and name themselves the "National Assmbly". The national assembly wrote a new constitution and and france became a constitutional monarchy on september 1791. The constitutional monarchy meant that the king would no longer have absolute power over france. King louis was becoming angry and hungry for power once he realised that he had to do everything the national assembly did. Sadly the constitutional monarchy only lasted a year.

After robespierre death the republic was finally falling into place when napoleon took over france. Napoleon bonaparte was a dictator but a good dictator that crowned himself and led france to the end of the revolution. Napoleon bonaparte won many battle and made an impact on the French Revolution.

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