French Revolution Timeline

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French Revolution Timeline

French revolution timeline

National assembly createdNational assemby was formed by the Third estate which were the common people.

Louis XVI calls the meeting of the estatesLouis XVI called this meeting to find solutions to the government economic trouble.

May 5, 1789

Tennis Court OathThis was a oath signed by the Third Estate which said "not to separate and to reassemble wherever circumstances require until the constitution of the kingdom is established" it was signed on a tennis court.

Storming of the BastilleThe Bastille was a prison and fortress. It had few prisoners but it was a symbol of royalty. The capture of the Bastille was a great help to the revolutionaries.

National Assembly votes to ablish the right of landlord and noblesThis act abolished feudalism. It abolished the Second Estate nobility and First Estate clergy. The common people got their land free and did not have to pay to the church.

June 17, 1789


June 20, 1789

July 14, 1789

August 5, 1789

August 26, 1789

Declaration of rights of man This document gave human and civil rights to all men free and equal under law.

March on VersaillesThis march was started by women rioting for food but others quickly joined and they marched to the palace of Versailles forceing the king to realize that the royal reign was over.

October 5, 1789

Sept3, 1791

The legislative assembly holds first sessionFirst elections were held and this assembly created laws and a place for political debate.

October1, 1791

Paris commune takes king louis XVI captive and the national convention is called.Members of the Paris commune take the king captive. They called for a national council to decide the future of France.

August10, 1791

National assembly completes constutution of 1791This was the first written constitution after the fall of the monarchy.


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