French Project Gr 8

by ksobrien
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French Project Gr 8

Explore Spain!

YOUR TASK: Create a Glog about Spain. Along your virtual tour, discover and explore facts about 5 of the categories shown. Include all Glog elements in your final project - Text, Graphics, Images, Sound, Video, Draw, and of course, an amazing Wall

List & briefly describe 5 historical facts about Spain.

Music: Save MP3 file then Upload to Glog

Food & Recipes: Add a link (pink circle) to your Glog.

Climate & Weather: Is it hot or cold and how do would you pack your suitcase???

Government: Who's in Charge? Who is the PRESIDENT?

Spanish Royal Family: Who are the key playersand what is their role insociety???

Tourist Attractions and Landmarks: Where would you want to go and what would you want to see?


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