French Maritime Empire 4A

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French  Maritime Empire 4A

French Maritime Empire

The French Empire's goal was to achieve more and more territory. This goal effected the empire by making it constantly batttling rivals and participating in wars. These wars made the French constantly raising taxes in order to attend to the debt. This factor, took a major toll on thier economy. The wars of Louis XIV took the most strength out of economy due to the strenuous amount of battling. In the end the French loose land in a war.

The French used colonization practices by beggining to settle in some parts of Africa and mostly parts of Canada. The colonization helped them expand because they were able to begin using the resources that the places had to begin trading with other countries (like fur and slaves).The French empire tried to maitain thier economy by practicing mercantilism. Mercantilism supports exporting goods for some type of profit but discourages importing goods. This practice helped keep somewhat of an control on economy, encouraged exploration, and helped introduce new products and a capital.

The French legitimized and consolodated power by leading a strong monarch, led by many Kings and/or Queens. The Kings/Queens ruled under divine right making the empire's religion, Catholic, a big contributing factor in government. Mercantilism also applied to the French's politics. The goal was to contain political power while achieving economic unity. To help out with power the French eventually developed a new bureacratic class, Noblesse de la Robe. This class consisted of hereditary nobles who maintained thier rank through high power in government and played a major role in reformation.

The French's use of military troops impacted their expansion. The use of their marine and army based troops helped them expand. Their ships and army allowed them to conquer land they desired. Lands that were conquered allowed them economic and religous oppurtunities. This meaning, in thier new conquered areas they are able to trade with surrounding nations, share their religious beliefs, and with new found resources gained in and around the conquered area, was able to trade new products with more nations.

The French empire like the Tokugawa did not have access to major trade routes like the Silk road. The Tokugawa, however, did not even trade at all unlike the French empire who followed the system of Mercantilism to trade. Another difference between these two empires was that the Tokugawa's army, unlike the French, was the Samurai Warriors they did not really consist of an army. Also, the major religion in the French empire at this time was Catholic in where Tokugawa was against Christianity.



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