French Impressionism: Paul Cezanne

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French Impressionism: Paul Cezanne

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French Impressionism: Paul Cezanne

Camille Pissaro was his biggest influence

Boy in the Red Waistcoat

He abandoned his dark palette for lighter, brighter colors

Mont Sainte-Victoire-Paul Cezanne

Early paintings involved landscapes including heavy figures

Paul Cezanne

Favorite Music: ClassicalFavorite Book: Hamlet


About Me:-Born: January 19, 1839-Born in Aix-en-Provence, France-Died of Pneumonia in 1906-Went to St. Joseph school in Aix-"Formed the bridge" between 19th century impressionism and 20th century cubism-Lived in Cesana, now West Piedmont-His Paintings were first displayed in Salon Des Refuses in 1863


Quotes:"Art is a nature""If art doesn't contain feeling, it's not art""Genius is the ability to renew your emotions in daily experience"


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