French Imperialism

by Allent
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French Imperialism

French Imperialism

Dear Background, France like many other European countries expanded their horizans. The Berlin Conference started a way of imperialism in most European countries. They all grabbed different countries in the east to colonize. This was for power, industrial growth, trade, and cultural motive.

~Past~ France had taken over most of west Africa and it's trade and reasources. France had the money to take it over and also the money to take over Indo-China . France made these countries by either making them to follow different western ideas like building roads and railroads. And also making most of the West African countries speak French.

*The Present*Today in many of the west African countries still speak french. Those french speaking coutries are called Francophone. But not only has France influenced Africa, Africa has influenced France. The 2nd largest religion in France is Islam, but Catholism still reigns as the largest.


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