[2014] Elizabeth Gee (Grade 6A 2014): French immagration

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[2014] Elizabeth Gee (Grade 6A 2014): French immagration

French Immigrants.....

Aborigonal-French European Alliances... The success of New France [Quebec] was inevitably linked to the Abrigonal peole who lived on the land. In 1609 Samuel de Dhamplain started making alliances with the Algonquins and the Huron so that they could start trading furs and other European goods Champlain. In the 1620's the Hurons where supplying the French with up to two thirds of their furs. Samuel de Champlain sougt to cement or make the relationship between the French and the Huron stronger by sending preists in to the Huron colony to teach them the catholic ways.

Abrigonal warsChamplain took sides with the Huron against the Iriqois at what toyday is lake Champlain in 1609.These wars wipedout alot of homes and settlements in that area. These wars lasted right through the 17th century. It didn't end until the great peace in 1701.

New France..In 1608 Samuel de Champlain created the first true settlement in what is now Quebec. Only 60 people lived there in 1620. In 1663 New France [Quebec] undertook a perioid of expansoin. DID YOU KNOW?........In the first 150 years of New France's existence only 10,000 people immigrated to New France [Quebec]. 4,00 of them came as servants, 3,500 came to serve in the military. A few came on their own.

Canada in the bigining

Samuel de Champlain

What is an "Alliance?"An "Alliance" is "a formal agreement or treaty between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes"What does "Inevitably" mean?"sure to happen or unable to avoid."What does "sought" mean?"Sought" means to search or look for something.

The Seigneurial System (1627 - 1854) The seigneurial system was a type of a type of land settlement astablished by the French. It started in New France in 1627. The land was divided into 15km plots and then divided again long enough lots for settling and farming. There were 3 main groups who settled there: Seigneurs: These people where considered the most important people that lived there becuase they where usualy military or aristocracy befor becoming a settler. Habitants: These people were usualy farmers and labourers who were sent over from france to live on the land and pay taxes.Engages:These people were servants sent over on 3 year contractsto work as farmers. When the british gained control of New France in 1736 they allowed some of the seigneurial system to stay in place as a favour to the french.

Why did the Frnch leave France?The French came to Canada becuase in France they suffered political problems. There goverment was verry poor. They got payed verry little or no money at all. The Germans where farther ahed in tecnolagy and economic development. All the jobs where gone so they went to other countries that had better goverment.

EmploymentWhen the french settled in Canada most of them worked in the farming, fishing, forestry and fur trade industries.Fur Trade:The fur trade was the bigest industry for the french. It began in the 1500s the french traded alot with Abrigonals in the area. The french gave the Abrigonals tools and wepons and the Abrigonals gave the French Bever furs. Bever furs were used for felt hats. In th 1800s the fur trades lesened becuase there were less animals. Today almost all trappers sell their furs to fur companies.[Talk about paps traping.]


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