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French Guiana

French Guiana(France)

Type of Government:French Guiana is governed by the provisions of the French Constitution as an overseas département of France. These are such forms as an integral part of the French Republic. There are 19 members in the Departemental Council and 31 in the Regional Council. All 50 members are elected by the Universal Adult Suffrage. They also send two elected respresentatives to the National Assembly and to the Senate. The type of government is a local government which means that there is representatives for that location that are elected only by the people that live there. Like a democracy in every town/city.

Data:land total:91,000sq kmland:89,150 sq kmwater:1,850sq kmclimate: tropical;hot, humid;little seasonal temperature variationnatural hazards: heavy showers, severe thunderstorms;floodingPopulation: 162,547Birth Rate: 23.73 births/1,000 populationDeath rate: 4.53 deaths/1,000 populationReligions: Roma CatholicLanguage: French

Issues:One of the biggest issues in French Guiana is the gold rush. The gold rush is illegal, polluting, and dangerous. The Frnech want to stop it but the leader, Antonio Luis, says "They won't manage it. The jungle is very big and us miners are tenacious beasts." Luis is one of thousands of illegal miners panning for gold in the rainforest of French Guiana, a former colonial territory that is now treated as an integral part of France. Up to 15,000 Brazilians are believed to be hiding in French Guiana, working in up to 1,000 clandestine mine sites. Campaign groups say that the gold rush, which started about 10 years ago, is the region's greatest environmental problem and, with the price of gold at a 28-year high, they fear it will get worse.According to Benoit de Thoisy, a conservation biologist, more than 3,000 miles of rivers have already been polluted by displaced soil. "Also, the miners have to eat, so there is a problem with hunting. There is a depletion of large species. And they are using mercury, which is still going into the water and the air."The other issure is deforestion.The rainforests of French Guiana are still largely unexploited and sparsely populated.For the immediate future, the forests of French Guiana face relatively few threats, although timber extraction is increasing and a relatively high population growth rate of displaced Lao farmers and other local groups may pressure coastal forest regions with subsistence agriculture. Gold potential in the interior regions is attracting foreign development interest, and there are some concerns over a potential road project. In recent years sporadic outbreaks of civil disorder over independence have brought into question what would happen to forests should French Guiana become independent. Still, the country lost only 2.6 percent of its forest cover between 1990 and 2005, the lowest loss in South America. Average annual deforestation rates have actually declined by 17 percent since the close of the 1990s.

Francois HollandeLeaderFrancois is a french politican, the twenty-fourth and current President of France as well as Co-prince of Andorra since 2012. Francois was born in Rouen, Frnace in 1954 and attended a series of elite French schools. He makes a good leader because he listens to other peoples opinions, he has four kids so he has people skills, and he knows where he wants to go and how to get there so he has a clear vision.

Journal Entry:Today I was on my way to work and it started started to rain. I hate it when it rained. I continued on to work but by the time I got there my boss told me to go home and pack because the mayor said people had to start evacuating. Once I got home an officail can and told me I had 10 minutes to get out and onto a boat taking people to higher ground. So I quickly packed and hoped onto the boat waiting. Once I got onto the boat the Mayor told us we where going to the forests. Once we got there we were herded up to safe houses. We where about half way there when we heard a whole bunch of yelling and then gun shots. I asked an official and he yelled "Run, go to the safe houses. We are being ammbushed by illegal gold miners!" So that was my day. Why can't the miners just be civil and stop causing trouble?

Aid Organization:The MedSend is a medical orginization that wants to enable healthcare providers to work where they have been called, unencumbered by educational debt, and to monitor their progress in their roles as healthcare providers, teachers, and examples. By paying on their educational loans each year, the medical missionary is able to serve on the field.

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Illegal Gold Mining


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