[2015] Danielle Nelson: French Guiana

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[2015] Danielle Nelson: French Guiana

French Guiana state flag

French Guiana national flag

French Guiana became an overseas department of France in 1947

Modern History

In 1968 the Guiana Space Center in Kourou was established.

Between 1852 and 1939 French Guiana was used as a penal colony.

France and Brazil signed a treaty in 2005 to build the Oyapock River Bridge and will mark the border between Brazil and French Guiana.

Political System

French Guiana has two legislative houses, the general council with 19 representatives, and the regional council with 31 representatives.

French Guiana , even with the two councils, is still a department of France.

French Guiana Space Center, Kourou French Guiana

Citizens elect their council members.

In both councils, general and regional, each member serves and six year term.

The general council deals with local affairs. The regional council also deals with local affairs and long term projects.

French GuianaBy: Danielle Nelson

Council meeting room

Man selling citrus at a local market in French Guiana


Fishing, especially shrimp, logging, and space research are the most important to the economy.

Cash crops, such as limes,bananas, sugarcane, and tropical fruit are grown to be exported to France.

There is a heavy demand for livestock and dairy products.

Unemployment in young people in common.

French Guiana is poor and heavily relys on France for energy and machinery.

Tourist Attractions

Chou Ai Rescue Center, in Cayenne, French Guiana to hold a sloth.

Places to visit:

Awala-Yalimapo, for leatherback, olive ridley, and green turtle.

Penal Camp- Devil's Island, used as a tourture camp when still in operation. You can read Henri Charrière's book about his experience on Devil's Island.

Tour of the French Guiana Space Center, in Kourou, and maybe a rocket launch.

Beaches like Remire-Montjoly and Awala-Yalimapo for sunbathing and hiking.

Fun Facts

French Guiana's capital is Cayenne.

In January of 2013 French Guiana's population was 250,109 people total.

Euro has been the national currency since 2002.

French Guiana's beaches are the largest breeding growns for letherback turtles.

About 75% of the people in French Guiana are Catholic.

Chou Ai Rescue Center

Cayenne, French Guiana


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