French Exploration

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French Exploration

Giovanni VerrazzanoIn the 1520s King Francis I of France sent Verrazzano to explore the East Coast of North America to find an easier route to Asia. The French wanted to control the passage (if there was one) because it would make them very rich and they could control the route to China and its jewels and spices. Unfortunately, after many years of exploration he did not find the route.

When - 1524 Giovanni Verrazzano explored. In 1534, Jacques Cartier explored. Who - Jacques Cartier, Giovanni Verrazzano, and Samuel De Champlain.Where - Jacques Cartier explored the Saint Lawrence River and Giovanni Verrazzano explored Cape Fear, North Carolina. Why - They explored to try and find an easier route to Asia.

Jacques CartierJacques Cartier explored after Verrazzano to find a Northwest passage through North America to Asia. He explored the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the St. Lawrence river. Along with Verrazzano, he did not find the passage.

FranceBy:Emma Ogle, Will Turner, Will Jordan,Bayleigh Ellenburg, and Danielle Craig


ResolutionThe French created a settlement that they later abandoned due to a lack of resources. Many years later the Spanish took over their settlement and claimed it as theirs.


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