French Exploration

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French Exploration

French explorers came to America to trap beavers or to trade with the Indians for Beaver skins. By 1600, trade with the Huron Indians was very important to the French. The French and Indian fur trade grew following the two voyages of Jacques Cartier. Although they wanted a share of the American gold and silver, they were more interested in finding a westward route to Asia.

In 1634, Jean Nicolet founded La Baye des Puants, now known as Green Bay. It's one of the oldest permanent European settlements in America.

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Exploration française

By:Ethan Richards, Emily Perkins, Alex Newton, Christy Lester, Aidan Blackwell

Jaques Cartier - Explored the northeast part of continent intending to find the elusive passage to the Orient, while sailing west, he discovered the St. Lawrence River. He met the Iroquoian tribes, with large amounts of caution on both sides. He did not find a route to China, but what he did find was Lake Ontario.Samuel de Champlain - A French explorer who founded Port Royal and Quebec. Later, he sailed to the new world and started trading with the Indians. The French negotiated and traded with them, primarily for furs. But it was inevitable that alliances with some Indian groups would make the French foes of others. Champlain and nine French soldiers join the Huron in an attack on the Iroquois. The Indians suprised the group with guns and other weapons.

French Explorers

Reasons for Exploring

The French attempted to start colonies in what would become America, the most notable of these being called Charlesfort. However, the attempt failed. The colonists never planted crops because they anticipated the arrival of another supply ship from back home. However, the desperately needed supplies never arrived, and they soon discovered that they were grossly unprepared to survive independently in the New World.

This is Samuel de Champlain.

This is Jacques Cartier.


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