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Hi guys! This is your tour of French Culture. In here you learn all about Frech Culture. thing such as: French history, food, geography, transportation, celebrations, goverement,education, landmarks,traditions, comparing similaritys with India and much more. I will give you a detailed snapshot of everything. You might feel like you are in France or you might become a French culture expert. You can check out my written information, pictures and video. So hope you enjoy and learn!

As you can see, this is the Eiffel Tower.


Manvi Sharma

FRENCH HISTORY Over the time, France has gone through many things. Things such as the Middle Ages, it's republic, Napoleon, England and France's quarrelles, The Revolution of France, the Germanic Tribes, WWI and WWII. They have had many battels. They won some and they lost some. I am going to talk about the Germanic tribes, France and Englandd's quarrells and WWI & WWII. A Germanic tribe, named Franks, invaded France. they also built an empire that included Germany and Italy. It's dated around AD 800. France and England kept quarrelling with more wars in England. Some of their battles were in parts of their rival oversea empires. In WWI, (1914-18) France and Britin were allies against the German empire. They had won. In WWII (1939-45) France was defeated and was occupied by Nazi Germany. France also had to fight Vietnam and Algeria who were fighting for independence.

FRENCH GEOGRAPHY This is about France's geography. It is actually very interesting. France is the second largest country in Europe and has the fifth largest population in Europe. France's population is 57.5 million. It's geography size is 212,935 square miles and it's capital is Paris. Did you know that France is about 80% the size of Texas. Major cities and populations: Paris-8.7 million, Lyon-1.2 million, Marseille-1.2 million, Lille-950,000, Boiedeaux-640,000.

FRENCH FOOD Here is a list of french foods.-crepes-coissants-baquets-cheese-esgargo(snails)-bread-frog legs-gouge`res(bite size cheese puffs)-Cuisses de Grenouille -Escargots (snails)-foie gras (liver of a goose)-ratatouile (soup)-Salade Niçoise There are many more cool French foods that are exsisting. These are just a few of them.

FRENCH GOVERMENT This section is all about the goverment of France. France is a republic; the institutions of government of France are defined by the Constitution, more specifically by the current constitution, being that of the Fifth Republic. The Constitution has been modified several times since the start of the Fifth Republic, most recently in July 2008, when the French "Congress" (A joint convention of the two chambers of Parliament) approved - by 1 vote over the 60% majority required - constitutional changes proposed by President Sarkozy. France was also a Monarchy in the 1700's.

EDUCATION This is all about school and education. Did you that that the French Education system was one of the best in the world. Today, though overall it is true to say that the French education system is still one of the most successful in the world. According to the OECD, France's education system is average, compared to other developed countries. In France, you have Wednesday a day off, but you go on Saturday. They also have three recesses.

FRENCH CELEBRATIONS/TARDITION Here is a quick list of some tarditions and celebrations in France.- July 14th, Bastille day- children don't look for eggs from the Easter Bunny- In France, April Fools is called 'Poisson d' Avril'- there are five week holidays

LANDMARKS France has lots of the most famous landmarks in the world. Here is a bit about them. The Eiffel Tower is one of France's national landmarks. It is 1,050 feet tall. It is one of the world's most recongnizable structures. The Louvre`, is one of the world's finest art galleries. It contains the best known art, including the Mona Lisa. The Arc de Triomphe is the famous entrance to Champs Elysees. Champs Elysees is a beautiful street in the middle of Paris.

TRASPORTATION want to know the transportation in France. Well, I've got a whole list for you.TRANSPORTATION: train, subway, rail network, fast train, a few drivers,metro,RER,quad bikes, bikes, taxi, taxi boat.

CILMATE France's climate is fairly even. France is located mid-way between the equator and the North Pole. This gives France a temperate climate. Most areas have cold,hot and dry summers. Mountain areas tend to get cold with conciderable rain and snow.

CULTURE Hmm...French Culture is certainly very amazing. Many people have settled in France like the Celts, Romans, Germans, Russians, Asians, Africans, and North Amricans. Art is also a very important in French culture. Many famous writers and artists are from France. Have you heard of mimes? France is, "The Home of the Mimes." They are people with white face painted faces, white gloves, black and white outfits and they don't talk. They also wear a classic French hat called a, beret.

COMPARINGWhat are some similarity and differences with French culture and Indian culture? Similarity-Have fought in WWI & WWII-They both celebrate the same holidays differently-They have a very advanced education system- They both have known landmarks- India has a very strong cultureDifferences-Each of their food choices are different-Some parts of India are very hot or very cold.-both have different transportation

This is the famous Mona Lisa French art.

This is the Louvre`. It is a museum and inside is the Mona L isa.

Watch this video!Storming of the Bastille


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