French and Latin American Revolutions

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French and Latin American Revolutions

CAUSES1. (P)Unequal political opportunites amongst the third estate, who did not have a "political voice".2. (E)Unequal amounts of taxes (had to pay tithes to the church) for the third estate who had low wages and high taxes. Clergy had to pay no taxes.3. (S)No priviliges to the third estate. Could not even hunt rabbits on their farms. 4. (S)Clergy do have privileges as they own 10% of the land and get tithes from the peasants.5. (P)Unequal representation of the estates at the General Meeting for voting purposes.

EFFECTS1. (S)All citizens are granted with equal rights before the law, through the Code Civil2. (S)Women and slaves were still considered inferior.3. (S)Peasants and middle class retained land and were given deeds to their land.4. (E)Equal Taxes amoung all classes, but the burden was higher.5. (P)Coup d'etat of Directory on the 18th Brumaire 6. (P)No political parties7. (P)Napoleon crowns himself king without aide of pope



French and Latin American Revolutions

Small but mighty Napoleon Bonaprte who crowns himslef emperor of France

The 1st and 2nd estate are frightened that the 3rd estate has achieved some power.

The Code Civil granted legal and criminal rights for the people in the new French empire

CAUSES1. (P)Dissatisfaction with Spanish Rule under Joseph Bonaparte.2. (P)Criollos wanted to replace the peninsulars.3. (E)People had to pay high taxes.4. (E)Latin America was treated as a source of wealth5. (E)Loans got taken away and money from the Catholic Chirch too.6. (S)Criollos worried about anti-elite reforms that could occur in the colonies after Joseph took the throne.7. (S)Criollos were a minority that felt threaten by natives

EFFECTS1. (P) Criollos, with the help of Simon Bolivar, severed ties between Latin America and Spain and took over political leadership.2. (P)Councils declared new governments since the colonies were no longer under Spanish control.3. (P) Monroe Doctrine (1823) protected Latin America from European interference.4. (E) Foreign investment began and growth of an import-export economy began.5. (S) Creation of an urban, educated & middle sector6. (S) Immigrants entered working class and created labor unions.

Joseph Bonaparte was crowned ruler of Spain after the French invasion of Spain

Simon Bolivar was a Criollo who helped fight for Latin America's Independence from Spain and became apart of the resistance.

Bolivar explains out to the other Criollos how to gain Independence from Spain


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