French and Indian War

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French and Indian War

General Edward Braddock, the commander in the chief of the British forces. He was ordered by Great Britian to drive the French forces from the Ohio Valley.His plan was to march in lined up in columns and rows wearing bright-colored uniforms.Serving beside him as an aide, George Washington strongly disagreed and saw many flaws with the plan. Braddock ignored Washington's advice. Later, Braddock tactic failed and was killed because they got ambushed by the Native Americans and French troops.

William Pitt, prime minister of Great Britian and talented militatry planner, improved America after given a position in the government. He made the decision that Great Britian would pay for the war-no matter the cost. It was to prevent quarrels amongst the colonists. There was a lot of debt to pay after the war, to pay it off he raised the colonsts taxes. He intented to conquer French Canada. Two British commanders were sent to North America under Pitt's order. They soon began winning battles in recapturing fortresses.

French and Indian War




After the war, America's victory won them all of the French territory in the mainland. To keep the French away from reconquering any land in America they created the Treaty of Paris. The treaty forced France to give Canada and most of it's land to the Mississipi River to Great Britian. Spain, France's ally, had to give Great Britian.

George Washington's plan to drive the French out of the Ohio Valley. Enjoy!


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