French Actress/Singer - Isabelle Adjani

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French Actress/Singer - Isabelle Adjani

*Started acting career at 14 yrs Le Petit bougnat (1970) *1972 gained fame at the Comédie-Française * Left theater career for film career*Had modest success in the 1974 film La Gifle (The Slap)*1975 first major role The Story of Adèle H. * At 19 started to receive Oscars and Hollywood offers*1979-1981 made films in French, German, and English*1983 won 2nd Cesar and released pop album "Pull Marine"* 1988-present did a bunch of more films and was named one of the most beautiful people in the world

Isabelle Adjani

French Actress and Singer

Career Timeline

Born in Paris France in 1955


*5 Cesar Award Wins: Best Actress*2 Academy Award Nominations*2 Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Award*Berlin Film Festival Best Actress Award *2010 was made Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur.


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