French 5 Course Expectations

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French 5 Course Expectations

In this class, you are going to build on your knowledge of French.You will learn more about the language and culture of France and the Francophone world – en français! Here are the expectations:


Welcome toFrench 5!

1. Come to class prepared with: your textbook, “Super Max 2”, your cahier d’activités (workbook), your cahier (notebook), and a pencil.

3. When you come into the room, take your assigned seat immediately and copy down the homework into your planner. You can always double check the night’s assignments on Course Web. Don’t leave your homework until the last minute!

2. Always greet me en français with an enthusiastic “Bonjour, Madame Albino!” (even when you see me in the hallway or cafeteria) and always say goodbye with a joyful, “Au revoir, Madame! ”.

4. Speak in French as much as possible! Even if you’re not sure, always try! The more French you speak, the better you will become. And if you don’t know a word, ask: “Comment dit-on …?”

5. Do your best and always put forth your best effort! Participate! Practice by completing your homework, saying aloud new words, making flashcards, even having conversations in French with friends. Amusez-vous bien! Have fun!

Be a good listener.



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