Fremantle Prison

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Fremantle Prison

RulesNo swearing No unnecessary noiseNo smokingNo sharing foodNo Communication between the prisoners

Fremantle Prison


The prison opened in 1855. It was an convict only prison. It had strict rules, work standars and a very presice scedual. There was a 1988 riot with guards taken hostage, and a fire that caused $1.8 million worth of damage. The prison closed in 1991.

The CellsThe cells are 2.1 by 1.2 m. The main cell block was designed to hold 1000 prisoners. Inside it had a hammock and a bucket for a toilet. There were two solitary confinement cells and two chapels, for Anglican and Catholic prisoners.

At the prison the staff they have includes:Day OfficersNight OfficersPenisor Guards(Warders)Comptrollrt GeneralSherifDirectorSuper intendentChaplain

Basic Information


The were workshops on the site for prisoners. There was a blacksmith's shop, carpenter workshop, plumber workshop, painter workshop, a printing office, and from the 1850s a metal workshop.


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