Fremantle Prison

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Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison

Leg Irons

Cat - O -Nine - Tails

Punishments In the Prison We learned about the hard punishments in the prison. The prisoners are only punished if they are naughty in the prison. Some of the punishments are hard labour in leg irons and lashes with the cat-on-nine-tails

The Rules of the prisonPrisoners can not disobey orders from a warder. They can not make noise during the silent hours. No making annoying or unnecessary noise like singing and whistling. No leaving work without permission.

On 13 of August all the Year 6's and the Year 5's in our class, went to fremantle prison for the day. We looked at all the punishments, cells, some famous convicts and religions in the prison.

CellsIn the cell the prisoners had :A bucket for thier toiletChairSmall TableWindow with BarsA Bed/HamockCells were 2.1x1.2m.

James WalshConvicted in 1852 for forging a request for goods, he was sentenced to 15 years and transported to Australia, arriving in Fremantle in 1854. After 5 years in the convict establishment, he was conditionally pardoned, but reconvicted four months later for forging a one pound note and got another eight years.During this time, he decorated his cell with great artwork, covering them up with porridge and whitewash so he wouldn’t get punished for marking his cell walls!!!


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