Fremantle Prison

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Fremantle Prison

Our Journey

Depending on what you did you could get flogged or put in solitary confinement. Iron leggings were worn if you continued to be bad once your in prison. When your getting whipped by the cat-o-9 tails you would get 100 flogs but they would stop wait for it to heal and continue it again. Until the sentence has finished.

Room 16 Go to Freo!

Moondyne Joe was famous for escaping Fremantle Prison so many times. after being put in an unescapable cell he was brought out for human rights he built a tall wall so the guard could no longer see him in a blink of an eye he ran into some nearby bush and was found at a winery 2 years later where the police caught him but did not realize who he was because of his long hair .and bearduntil someone on the street yelled 'thats Moondyne Joe ' from then on he was a free man as the goverment had promised.

Moondyne Joe


cells were 1.2 m by 2.1m including a wall 3.5 m. 2 windows provided 2 cells with a hammock and bucket. Some cells had air holes when others did not. You could buy paint to decorate your cell with colours and paintings. You go to your cell at 4:oo pm and come out at6:30Am


When we went to Fremantle Prison the tour guide let us go in solitary confinement with the light turned off it was cool but not for 23 hours we Decided to see the cell's which was really creepy considering prisoners used to spend most their time in there.

No swearing,No fighting,No escaping,no disobeying the prison rules,no arguing,no stealing,you get what you get.

Prison Rules


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