Fremantle Prison

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Fremantle Prison

Your probably all wondering why we went to Fremantle Prison? The reason why is because we have been learning all about how Australia was found and the colonys. We have done lots of work on Fremantle Prison and we think we deserved this awesom trip. We learnt all about how Fremantle Prison was made and all of the bits built onto it over the years. We didn't only go to Fremantle Prison but we also went to Samsons house. Samsons house is a very important family to Australia! This poster might teach you a bit.

When we visited Fremantle Prison, we got to see a solitary confinment cell. You would go into Solitary Confinment if you commited a crime in the Jail. When you were in Solitary Confinment you had a diet of Bread and Water. You would necer be over fed, but it was just enough to keep them alive.

Solitary Confinment

Fremantle Prison...

Why ?

When you were in Prison you couldn't just stay in a cell you had to have some excercise. You had a excercise yard. It was also to have fresh air. That is a human wright! There would also be guards watching them. The had to wask thir face in the excersice yard and have showers there.

We enjoyed learning lots about Moondyne Joe! Moondyne Joe was famous for escaping at Fremantle Prison. He tried climbing walls, digging out and lots more. We were luck enough to see his escape proof cell.The made it with nails so he wasn't able to dig out!

In prison the cells were not very nice! You did not have colourfull walls and comfortable beds, you had a concrete room. Thew were 1.2 by 2.1. They then enlarged to 2.4 by 4.2. You had a bucket to do your business in! Sometimes if you were a good artist you would paint on your walls. Your bed was a hamock. As the years went on they made the cells better. If you commited a really bad crime you had your own excercise yard!



Obviously if your in Prison, you need some kind of puncishments. The were lots of differnt punishments at the jail depending on what you commited. They had flogging post wich you would hit the convicts with a special weapon. The also have a 9 stranded cat whip that they hit them with. If you commit something really bad you may get hung. We were not able to see that bit of the prison due to age restrictions.


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    Fantastic work April! I love the detail in your explanations. You clearly enjoyed this excursion!