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The advantages are that it is considered a very beautiful sport, and if you do ir well, you can be very famous. You are in contact with the nature and you feel like in an other world. But it has got some disadvantages: if you do it badly, the most probable thing is that you will die, and the weather is too cold there.

Freeskiing is considerated as an specific type of skiing. Currently there are two Olympic freeskiing events, Half-pipe skiing and Slopestyle. These events make up two of the four Olympic freestyle skiing events. Normally they are four, but only two of them are considerated olympic games. The most important materials we need are specific skis ( pawder, all mountain..), and warm clothes because of the cold weather and boots for the skis. You can put a helmet if you want, just for security.

it makes you feel adrenaline

... and desconect

we have chosen this sport because we both practice it since we were really young and we like it a lot. We don¨t do it as a Risky sport but while we go down over the snow, we feel peace and liberty, it isolates us from reality and we feel in contact with the nature. That makes us disconect


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