Freefall from the Edge of Space,Felix Baumgatner

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Freefall from the Edge of Space,Felix Baumgatner

3. The freefall could not take place unless the weather was co-operative and perfect. Harsh weather including, rain, snow and winds was dangerous to the event because one bad gust of wind or heavy precipitation could have seriously injured or killed Felix in action.

5 Scientific Principles/Ideas of the Freefall

2. In outer space there are extremely cold temperatures, there is no air to breathe, and no air pressure. Felix was hurdling at the edge of space, so to survive he needed to be wearing a space suit. The space suit protected him from all of the harmful elements to humans found in space.

Freefall from the Edge of Space

On October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner a daredevil skydiver attempted a freefall from the edge of space. He jumped from an estimated height of 39 kilometers (24 miles) with a speed of 1342 kilometers/hour or 1.24 times the speed of sound. Felix was soaring through the sky for about 4 minutes and 20 seconds. For more information about the breath taking event check out:

4. To make his journey upward Felix used a specially-designed helium filled balloon with a spaceship sized capsule attached underneath the balloon. He could not just use any type of transportation due to the nature of his travel.

5. When departing from the capsule Felix had to be very careful of his jump. He had to make sure he did not get caught on anything so his suit would not rip. Also, because of the low resistance in space he had no control of his fall. His fall should be just a drop although he might roll. The danger comes if he begins to spin/tumble. If so, an emergency shoot would automatically deploy.

1. In order to keep breathing Felix needed to be connected to an oxygen tank. He needed the tank because as you reach higher altitudes you have less air so a lesser amount of absolute oxygen. There is not enough oxygen in the stratosphere to have kept him alive so he had to bring his own supply.

For more information, pictures, and videos of the capsule please go

To learn more about the creators/purpose of the space suit Felix Baumgartner was wearing and a video of the takeoff and fall of the event go to:

The dynamics and technoloy used to carry out the freefall were very precise and took a long time to compose. To learn more backround information and to see diagrams and videos check out:

Watch live event:

... if you want to know how Felix must have felt, you can try this:



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