Freedom Riders

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Freedom Riders

James Farmer was selected as the national director of Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in 1961. CORE organized a protest in which a group of whites and blacks would sit together on interstate buses. The members were carefully selected and then intensively trained. James Farmer participated in the protest himself. He called it the “Freedom Ride”.The group rode down through many states in the South. James Farmer had to return home after the death of his father, but the other Freedom Riders continued. In Alabama, they were attacked, and were forced to fly to New Orleans.

4th - First Ride 15th - Bus Bombing17th - Second Ride20th - Mobs in Montgomery24th - Arrests in JacksonDuring the summer, the Freedom Riders continued their protests.On November 1st, new, desegragated, policies went into effect.

Lasting Impact

The Freedom Riders began the process of desegregating the South. The protesters succeeded because transport stations were desegregated. In the next few years, segregation was made completely illegal.


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Freedom Riders

Timeline (May 1961)

History of the Freedom Riders

James L. Farmer

James Farmer

Freedom Riders' bus bombedMothers Day, 1961


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