Freedom Riders

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African-American History

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Freedom Riders

Freedom Riders

May 4,1961; thirteen African-Americans and white students set at to stop segregation on buses and trains. These thirteen students were requited by C.O.R.E (Congress of Racial Equality). They wanted to prove that Jim Crow Laws were bogus and seperate is not equal. not only did they desegregate buses and trains, but they also helped desegregate lunch counters, bathrooms, and water fountains.

The Freedom Riders started out as thirteen students, then along their journey grew to four-hundred people. they wanted to see how far they could travel into the South on bus. The deeper the South they traveled, the more voilence they encountered on their way. Whites fought the African-Americans beacuse of them traveling on buses with Whites. It came to a piont where the bus was et on fire. The African-Americans were jailed and later on Court established that Jim Crow were not seperate but equal at all.

The violence and arrests continued to garner national and international attention, and drew hundreds of new Freedom Riders to the cause. The rides continued over the next several months, and that fall, under pressure from the Kennedy administration, the Interstate Commerce Commission issued regulations prohibiting segregation in interstate transit terminals.


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