Freedom of Choice

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Freedom of Choice

Freedom makes things interesting

I believe we can gain freedom in our modules by being able to determine what our topic is. In last year's class we did an assignment on world issues. We all had the same guidelines, but we also got to choose the issues that we wanted to present.


Another example for a module we could do that would require a major amount of freedom would be to create a website/blog. We could have a set amount of requirements that we would have to fulfill, but we would get to choose the subject of our website.

It could be a fashion, music, animal, sport, vacation, or faith website. We would have the freedom to create, discuss, and share our ideas with others.

I think that this is the best way to approach this issue. We need to have a specific tech tool assigned that we are required to use and guidelines with other requirements. However, the topic should be a broad subject so that we can pick something within the area to focus on. It is like the law. You would assign us Article 8 and we would get to choose which clause we would like to do our assignment on.

Ex: All of the students have to choose a topic that has been bothering them. Next, they have to find a video and take a stance on the argument. They will then use whatever tech tool is designated to present their stance or argument. I have provided a video that I would like to take a stance on. I completely agree with what he is saying and I would be able to share that with the others. I would also gain knowledge about other things that I was not aware of by looking at the issues that others were concerned about.

I have provided a few examples of possible assignments that would give us the freedom of choice.

By: Shay Greene



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