[2015] holli clementson: Free Airfare Trip to Hamilton Island

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[2015] holli clementson: Free Airfare Trip to Hamilton Island

Only $450 to stay at our resort includes room and one night cooktail meals and drinks on the house one night only.4 star resort with a indoor pool and spa. Own choice of what room you want to stay in.


5 days worth of fun fishing in Hamilton Island with your family and also can go swimming with your kids!!!!!

Time Table flights:Sydney ariport to Hamilton IslandMonday 15th October 20132:30pm- 5:00pmFriday 2nd November 20139:00am- 11:30amSunday 11th November 201312:30am- 3:00pm

Fishing Supplies

When you go fishing you can borrow fishing rods and nets and buy bate for only the price of $20 a day. When you go fishing the best time would be around 2:30pm because that's is when they come out to get food and you are also allowed to drive on the beach if you have brought your permit for only $25 for two days and if you go before the time of 2:00 you are not allowed to drive even if you have a permit.


In our restaurant we have many types of different foods such as:Sea food ChineseItalianTie foodThese are just some of the many types of foods we have at our restaurants our resourt are 4 stars but our restaurants are 5 big stars.


Hamilton Island



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