Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass

Contributions/AccomplishmentsDouglass became a free man so he contributed in many ways. He helped free slaves and opposed publicly to slavery. He wrote books about slavery like "My Bondage and My Freedom". Also, he talked with President Lincoln to improve the treatment to african american-people. He was one of the most respected and effective revolutionary leaders.

Significant MomentsFrederick was born as a slave and saw how cruel people were to them. He worked as servant and laborer. Learned how to read and write. He escaped from slavery. He was a professor and became a fluent representative for emancipation. He talked about slavery and meet with Lincoln who supported him.

Character TraitsFederick Douglass is a sneaky person; he escapes from slavery . He is also helpful; he gave speeches against slavery.He is a brave person; he helped slaves gain their freedom.Last but not least he is clever; he talked to president Lincoln about slavery.

InfluencesHe was influenced by the treatment of slaves. He was separated from his mother and saw how his uncle got beaten. Also, he was influenced by the treatment of slaves he saw in a trip to town.

Major ObstaclesSlavery was one of his major obstacles ,since he was born slave. His lack of education was a big obstacle, but at the end he learned. Later on ,after his escape, he talked to some people like Garrison about abolishing slavery ,but he opposed to him.

Setting/Circumstances Douglass was born a slave and was treated as a slave. People where unkind to him and his family. He learned to read and write. This encouraged him to escape and stop slavery.

Frederick Douglass1818-1895



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