Frederick Douglass

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was born February around 1818 in the Talbot country of maryland the exact date of douglass birthday was unknown so he decided to celebrate it on Febuary 14.Douglass lived with his maternal grandmother and at a younge age was selected to live on a plantation, with whom may have been his father. Douglass was later sent to Baltimore the home of Hugh Ald. It was there he got learned to read and write.After that Douglass tried to escape twice befor he finally succeded.After that he was a African American escaped slave. Douglass was a speaker for the abolitionists.He was such a strong speaker because he had a voice like thunder. When Douglass started to talk about the cruel treatment of slaves children, people began to cry.When he made fun of the minsters that told slaves to love slavery people laughed.One day William Lloyde Garrison heard fredrick speak and was against the idea of him being a slave in the christian land. And the crowd strongly agreed and Douglass quickly became a abolitionist speaker. On Febuary 20 1895 Douglass Had a terrible Death due to a heart attack. Although Douglass died he left a freat legacy behind that forever changed the world

1839- Douglass subscribes the liberator1841-Douglass Speakes at Massachusetts anti-slavery convention1845- Douglass publishes Narratove of Live of Frederick Douglass1845- Douglass delivers Speech- Intemperance Slavery1845- Douglass addresses Ireland

After Douglass escaped he wanted to promote freedom for all slaves. He Published a Newspapaer called the north star in Rochester New York. It was called the North Star because slave at night followed the North Star to escape. Douglass Goals were to abolish slavery and anything that promotes it. Not just did Douglass publish The North Star but lectured people on the subject of freedom. Even though he had made a name for himself and was a leader of the abolitionist movement, he was still subject of the laws keeping black seperate from whites

Frederick Douglass has left a great impact on our world today. He has change slavery and the thought of everyone not being treated equally. To this day the reason everyone is being treated fairly is to the help of frederick douglass and all the people he inspired people to help. Frederick has changes the way people think about slavery and there attitude towrds it too

- My reform movement notes- Textbook Pg 251





Long Lasting Legacy

Frederick Douglass


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